Are you looking for a quick home sale?

We are a fast and efficient solution to your real estate market dilemma, we can provide cash offers on a house or apartment building in any condition. While we’re located in the Garden State, we operate across the United States, so your property doesn’t need to be in New Jersey! Our team of attorneys can even help with the legal complexities of home ownership, so whatever your circumstances, we can help.

Are you looking for investment properties in the US?

We can provide you with a vast range of real estate investing opportunities in some of the best real estate locations in the United States!

The markets that we operate in offer a great long-term return on your investment along with an excellent upside when the property is sold or refinanced. This can be a great alternative to stocks and bonds if you’re looking to diversify your portfolio.


Sellers of Real Estate

Whatever the reason you want to sell your home, whether it’s your own primary residence, an inheritance property, or perhaps an investment that hasn’t worked out, we know how stressful it can be, especially if you need to reap the financial benefits of sale sooner rather than later!

We are cash buyers and can close quickly on properties in any condition, so you won’t need to invest in costly repairs or maintenance before you sell, and you won’t have to wait weeks, or even months to make that sale. We also have a team of attorneys on hand to deal with any legal issues that may be associated with property sale, such as tax or mortgage liens, bankruptcy, foreclosure dealings or divorce settlements.

Cut out the frustration and complexity of real estate sales with Golden Hammer. We’ll offer a generous purchase price and fuss-free transaction, providing a fast and straightforward solution!

Real Estate Investors

If you’re looking for an effective passive income stream outside of hedge funds and venture capital opportunities, look no further than real estate investment with Golden Hammer Investors.

We have a team of leading realtors purchasing quality real estate in prime locations across the United States, right now. Strong relationships with mortgage lenders means that we can close quickly and efficiently, and our contractors are experienced with building guidelines in each individual municipality, meaning the transformational construction process can take place effortlessly, providing you with outstanding rental investment properties, wherever you desire.

We can provide single unit homes or entire apartment buildings for long term hold and with almost half of the US population (42%) currently renting their homes, a valuable investment opportunity with steady, high-level returns on their investment, we are also in the market for purchasing more long-term real estate to provide our investors with steady cash flow and long-term returns.

Let us help you to build or improve your real estate portfolio and make an investment in your future today.

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